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Lelongbank.com is managed by Falah Abadi Resources (JM0765116-H) based in Johor Bahru was established in 2010 with the unique focus of handling all auction properties within the Johor district. Since then, we have grown to become one of most experienced agencies offering a superior level of market knowledge, customer service and property expertise to the wider Johor market.

With a team of lelongbank.com experienced property professionals, provides services for residential and commercial auction property services across the Johor region. Having sold in excess of RM 10,000,000 worth of properties has a well-established skill of connecting the right buyers with the right property solutions.

Type Of Services :-

  • Representative for Auctions House Johor.
  • Property Investment
  • Subsale House
  • Home Loan.
  • Legal Aggrement.
  • Property Land Search.
  • Refinance Properties.

Looking for a Property Manager? Our expert team are committed to ensuring maximum returns from your investments.
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  1. Assalamualaikum … saya berminat untuk menceburi bidang bisnis lelong hartanah ini ..mohon nasihat

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