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Bagaimana Kelayakan Pinjaman Perumahan Dikira

| Info | January 15, 2015


Soalan ini kami sering ditanya apabila berjumpa pelanggan yang mungkin pertama kali untuk membeli rumah

macam mana kelayakkan pinjaman dikira??

Berikut dibawah sedikit info dan jawapan bagi soalan tersebut


Dengan gaji bersih RM1200 bolehkan saya beli sebuah rumah dengan harga RM150K?
Kalau nak beli sebuah rumah kena sediakan wang 10% untuk bayar down payment rumah, dengan gaji RM1200 bank tidak akan luluskan pemohonan kita, kerana dalam guild line bank dengan gaji RM1200 tidak mampu bayar installment bulanan. Continue reading “Bagaimana Kelayakan Pinjaman Perumahan Dikira” »

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JB and by extension,hottest place in Malaysia to invest in from 2013

| Info | December 31, 2012


2013 will mark the beginning of a property super cycle for Johor Bahru with prices hitting its highest ever level in Johor’s history, predicts Gavin Tee, an international property consultant and speaker. “Prices there will go all the way to the top, in fact to its highest ever level in history making JB the hottest property market in Malaysia,” said the consultant. He continued, “JB will then be the whole nation’s focus and its property will remain prime property for years after that.”

Citing the recently completed catalytic projects such as LEGOLAND and Educity, and the expected completion of Pinewood Studios etc next year, Tee was confident that these would draw more and more people to Iskandar Malaysia in Johor. “As the capital city of Johor, Johor Bahru would reap the most benefit from the boom in Iskandar, and this is enhanced by its multibillion ringgit city transformation plans.”
“JB and by extension, Iskandar will then emerge as the hottest place in Malaysia to invest in from 2013,” the property man told NST RED in an exclusive interview recently.
Singaporeans have acknowledged this and are in fact shifting their investments into Iskandar, according to reports which also revealed that prices of property bought by these early investors have quadrupled since these projects were launched four years ago.
Singapore forms the largest single foreign investor in Iskandar with many investors proposing big investments in the region, among them billionaire Peter Lim with a planned real estate investment (motorsports hub) of RM3 billion, according to reports.

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Standardised Documentation for Housing Loan Agreements

| Info | December 29, 2012


With effect from 1 January 2013, all commercial banking institutions are required to adopt standardised documentation for conventional housing loan and home financing agreements involving a principal sum of RM500,000 and below.

The primary objective of this initiative is to enhance borrowers’ understanding and comparability of the key terms and conditions of the loan agreements, including the responsibilities and obligations of borrowers and financiers under such agreements. This initiative is a collaborative effort between Bank Negara Malaysia, PEMUDAH and the financial industry which aims to promote the efficacy of business processes towards enhancing the quality of service delivery in the financial services sector.
Banking institutions are required to present key terms and conditions in a consistent manner following a template developed by The Association of Banks in Malaysia (ABM) in consultation with Bank Negara Malaysia. The template also describes these key terms and conditions using simplified language. This will assist consumers in making comparisons between banks and reduce the risk of borrowers not fully understanding the contractual terms of their agreements due to variations between banks in the description and placement of key terms and conditions, and the use of language that is unclear or complicated.
Banking institutions are required to adopt this template for all conventional housing loan and home financing agreements offered to individuals for the financing of residential properties valued at principal sum of RM500,000 and below. The principal sum refers to only the loan amount for the purchase price of the residential property. The loan or financing can however extend to cover renovation costs, Mortgage Reducing Term Assurance (MRTA) or such other insurance premium as may be permitted by the banking institution and legal fees incurred in connection to the purchase of the property.
Members of the public may access the template and frequently asked questions (FAQs) at ABM’s website at www.abm.org.my.

Please refer to the documents below for further explanation and guidance.

1. Explanatory notes.

2. Attachment A – Standardised Template (Part A).

3. Attachment B – General Timeline for Housing Loan Application (straight-forward cases only).

4. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Bank Negara Malaysia
28 December 2012

Pemaju Perumahan Yang Disenaraihitamkan

| Info | October 13, 2012

Mungkin ada diantara anda pernah mengalami masalah projek terbengkalai atau masalah untuk tukaran nama hakmilik kerana pemaju asal telah disenaraihitamkan atau blacklisted,masalah ini memungkinkan anda mengalami penangguhan dalam urusan jual beli hartanah terutama rumah lelong.Jadi disini kami senaraikan pemaju yang telah disenaraihitamkan/blacklist untuk rujukan anda dimasa-masa mendatang.


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Why Auction Property ?

| Info | June 24, 2012

Why Auction PropertyIn the past few years, the world has watched paintings, exotic cars, properties, etc. sold at auctions for millions.

The time has passed when people thought of auctions as a last resort sale or as a means of liquidating assets that could be sold no other way than the court foreclosures. Today the modern auction method just a normal way of disposing your assets in an open market for an immediate sale at the highest possible price.

Why sell by the way of auction? Essentially, it is simply because of the two most valuable commodities in business that is time and money. Lengthy and costly selling periods are eliminated with a professionally conducted auction. It is often pointed out that a property that could not be sold at any price is sold for top dollar in minutes at a properly conducted auction. Why? Because the property will be promoted and exposed to a multitude of interested buyers.
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How To Buy An Auction House

| Info | June 21, 2012



Never been to an auction?

Step by step guide to bid during an auction

  • Identify the property auction

Take note of the desciption,address and the relevant information of the property you are interested in.
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Soalan Lazim Berkaitan Rumah Lelong

| Info | June 15, 2012

A : Kenapa rumah ini dilelong ?

Q : Selalunya berkaitan kegagalan membayar balik pinjaman perumahan kepada institusi bank.

A : Perlukah saya keluarkan modal / deposit untuk membeli rumah lelong ?

Q : YA.Anda perlu mengeluarkan 10% dari harga rezab rumah tersebut dalam bentuk bank draft / bankers cheque dan dibayar kepada bank.

Continue reading “Soalan Lazim Berkaitan Rumah Lelong” »


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